The FAVAR Method of LinkedIn Profile Creation!

The FAVAR™ Method of LinkedIn® Profile Creation

This clip from "The FAVAR™ Method of LinkedIn®  Profile Creation" will give you a few ideas on how to improve your Findability!





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MaxOut LITM is focused on one thing--helping people advance their careers by wisely utilizing the power of LinkedIn®. While much of what we offer is relevant to all users of LinkedIn, our passion is helping job-seekers gain a competitive advantage in the job market.


By providing accurate information regarding LinkedIn, The FAVARTM Method of LinkedIn Profile Creation, and empowering tools, we enable job-seekers to gain Maximum Results with Minimum Effort.


LinkedIn is a tremendous tool for job-seeking, recruiting, and business building. Unfortunately, it is very complex and misunderstood by many. We work tirelessly to shed insight on the enigma that is LinkedIn.


We invite you to follow along as we use our research and real-world experience with LinkedIn to shatter myths and breathe fresh insight into removing the mystery of how to best use LinkedIn to build your career.


Be sure to request our free tools, follow our blog, and tweets as they are all designed to help you advance your career through LinkedIn to achieve Maximum Results, with Minimum Effort.

Please feel free to suggest LinkedIn job-hunting topics that you feel are not being adequately addressed. 

Our Mission

To be the leading resource for those wishing to advance their career through LinkedIn® by providing services, tools, training and insight for the enigma that is LinkedIn®.


Our Vision

Creating solutions to enable people to leverage the power of LinkedIn to advance careers while avoiding the numerous pitfalls Providing information that has been adequately researched, and as much as possible, with research that can be replicated by non-premium account members.



 "The FAVAR™ Method of LinkedIn Profile Creation reveals breakthrough secrets and strategies that will catapult your clients to the top of search results - for the 1000s of recruiters who use LinkedIn’s Recruiter Corporate - and move through the entire recruiting process, ending with them getting the call." -Mary Elizabeth Bradford, Founder and President - The Career Artisan

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